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Kyoshi 8th Dan Shorinryu Shorinkan Karate
            6th Dan Kobudo
7 time USA AAU National Karate Champion

Started Karate in 1974. I have won over 400 Karate tournaments in the US and Canada. Coached several USA teams in Europe and Japan
SENSEI DAVID W. AHRENS – Kyoshi/ 7th Dan Karate

Kyoshi Ahrens  began his Karate training in 1985. On February 14th 2012 he was tested and promoted by Grandmaster Shugoro Nakazato to the rank of 7th Degree Black Belt (Nanadan) in Karate, and 6th Degree Black Belt in Okinawan Kobudo. He is the owner and operator of East Coast Karate in Richmond, Rhode Island. USA, which is celebrating it’s 25th year of operation.
Kyoshi Ahrens recently promoted his 102nd Black Belt. Sensei David is a renowned martial arts practitioner and educator, Kyoshi Ahrens is highly sought after nationally and internationally for his Karate and Kobudo knowledge and application insights. Sensei David Ahrens is known for his integrity, professionalism and unconditional commitment to excellence in his teaching and his training. He teaches all around the world, throughout North America, Okinawa and South Africa.
Kyoshi Ahrens is also a Volunteer Firefighter who serves as a Lieutenant and Junior Firefighter Training Officer. Achieving citations for “Rookie of the Year 2013” and “Firefighter of the Year” in 2016 from the Rhode Island Senate and House of Representatives.
I am a 6th Dan in Karate and a 4th Dan in Kobudo.
I own a dojo in Westerly, Rhode Island with approximately 300 active students.  I was awarded my Rokudan in karate and my Yondan in kobudo in July 2016 in Okinawa by Hanshi Minoru Nakazato.
I am also a student of Kyoshi David Ahrens in Rhode Island.
5th Dan karate and 2nd Dan kobudo, with over 30 years of karate experience.
Owns a dojo in St. Anthony, Minnsota.
Represented South Africa in the 1998 World Championships and becoming a Grand South African Champion in 2000. Medaled in the TAFISA World Martial Arts Games in South Africa in 2016, representing the USA.  Gold, silver, and bronze medals at the 7th European Champions Cup in 2016 with the AAU National Team in Romania.
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